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The Higher Education Technical School of Professional Studies in Novi Sad St. Petersburg University of State Fire Service of EMERCOM of Russia




About project

Dear Colleagues, here is the first cooperative Russian-Serbian scientific and analytical magazine "Monitoring and expertise in safety system”. In recent years the development of life safety has received increased attention, both in Serbia and abroad. Modern society is characterized by globalization of social, economic, industrial processes, the appearance of cross-border emergencies, actualization of the environmental issues. Safety problems in all these areas requires a systematic approach and joint efforts of all professionals in the world, as well as the informed assistance from anyone. Today, improving system of prevention the emergencies natural and man-made nature is not only our state problem but also the entire world community. Providing the life safety forms the basis of social stability, as well as one of the main tasks of the modern state.

This magazine is an innovative project of the St. Petersburg University of State Fire Service of EMERCOM of Russia and Higher Technical School of Professional Studies of Novi Sad of Republic of Serbia. This is one of the most significant steps of specialists from Russia and Serbia in the direction of co-operation efforts in the field of safety. The purpose of international co-operation of our institutions of higher education is to bring together leading scientists, professors and experts from Russia and Serbia to create a more effective system of safety. The importance of international experience in improving the safety of citizens can not be overestimated. On the pages of our magazine will present various topics on actual issues of oversight organizations, judicial expertise in safety. The materials of the magazine will set an important and useful information for professionals and a wide range of readers.

We expect that a large sharing of experiences and knowledge among the leading specialists in this area, open and full cooperation and discussion of topical issues in today's safety in the magazine will be useful and essential for finding the optimal system solutions.

Prof. Dr Vladimir Sergeevich Artamonov

During the fifty years of its existence, the Higher Education Technical School of Professional Studies in Novi Sad has developed all sectors of protection: fire protection, occupational health and safety, civil protection and environmental protection. A solid cadre potential and reputation have been established, a number of papers written and many projects accomplished. Our faculty participates at numerous conferences, and a lot of them have been organized by our School.

Simultaneously with the development of the educational cycle, the School has constantly cherished and developed cooperation with enterprises. Despite its modest resources, the School is considered to be one of the carriers of the education in the field of protection, both in former Yugoslavia and in contemporary Serbia. We have always been aware that we are among the first ones to make a step forward. And the journal that would publish articles on topics from the protection area is a necessary step further in our activities.

When we started our cooperation with St. Petersburg University of State Fire Service a few years ago, we defined our priorities and one of them was the publishing of a joint magazine. We have waged our capacities recently and reached a brave decision to go into what is happening at this moment.

So, on one side, there are the known reasons for reaching this decision. On the other, there is only the fear of responsibility, whether or not we can do this. And not only we: can the complete Serbian scientific and expert public, united, successfully meet this responsibility? Only with the right response it is possible to create conditions that will allow us to be proud of this decision, and its results that are possible and expected.

Currently, there is no scientific journal in Serbia covering the entire area of protection that would give the answer to the set task. There are, however, several magazines that deal with some segments of protection, but the scientific aspect is mostly neglected. This fact indicates that there is both room and a need for accomplishing the idea of starting an international magazine that would cover various topics regarding protection.

It is our desire to present through writing what we do to the Serbian, Russian, wider European and even global audiences. Also, it will be a great opportunity for all of us to familiarize ourselves with valuable experiences from the Russian Federation, a country that has significantly invested to achieve a high level in protection.

Those who are the best and have the leading role in the field of protection will find their place in this magazine. It is also designed for the individuals who promise the most and have potential scientific carriers and PhD studies in front of them. Those who are important in this area due to their extraordinary competence with which they significantly support the scientific aspect of protection will not be omitted, as well.

Prof. Dr Božo Nikolić